Student Testimonials

I also teach business classes to undergraduate students at Winston Salem State University and Salem College.  Some of my students allowed me to share their thoughts about our experiences together.

Being in Mr. Younger’s Professional Growth & Leadership class Fall 2019 semester was a great opportunity. I believe this class was needed in order for me to better myself as a student and to become a young professional. He has helped me to grasp the importance of professionalism, effective communication, and how to be molded into a leader. The skills I’ve learned in his course are necessary to be successful in life.”

— Alese Berry

“I took Mr. Younger’s class in the fall of my Junior year. This course is unlike any that I have taken in the past. Honestly, I learned more in this class than any other course at Winston-Salem State University. I learned how to dress, speak and behave professionally. I learned how to work with a team of people who don’t always see eye to eye. This class challenged me to think outside the box and to think critically. I highly recommend anyone who wants to learn the basics of professionalism to take this course. Thank you Mr. Younger for teaching me how to be a young, black professional.”

– Katelin Burch


“I would like to thank you for teaching me how to communicate better and the importance of networking. I am being blessed due to me using the skills that I’ve gained. Networking has helped me to accomplish things that I thought would be impossible and hard for me to figure out on my own. 
Once again, thank you so much for believing in me and helping me to learn the importance of networking and communicating.”

— Santana Austin 


During the Spring Semester 2018, I sat in Professor Younger’s Business Communication Class at Winston-Salem State University.  During this course, Professor Younger challenged as well as encouraged us.  His unique style of teaching made most students (as there were some who sadly didn’t seem to catch on) do some major else examination.  Through the introduction of essential skills to his thought provoking posts, Professor Younger made it clear that excuses would not be accepted in his class.  He prepared us for life AFTER WSSU.  He pushed 7 of us, inclusive of myself to recognize our leadership abilities. For this, I am thankful.  I now apply most of his teachings to my work ethics.  It was indeed an honor to sit in his class.”

— Christina Harris


“Hey Professor Younger I just wanted to say that I appreciate everything you’ve taught me in this class. This class is the only class I feel like I will be able to use throughout life. It was also the only class I consistently came to going because it was the only class I enjoyed. This year I have lost two family members and one was my grandmother, even going through everything I was going through this semester I always made sure I came your class because I feel like this was the only class I had that was important enough to come to. Hopefully the upcoming students get the same thing I have got out of this class and apply to their real life situations. Once again I appreciate everything that you have done and hopefully we can keep in contact after this semester.”

— Tirik Johnson-Morse


“I really enjoyed this class and everyone in it and I plan to take the skills I have acquired in your course and apply them to my future classes for the same results or even better ! Again thank you for a wonderful semester.”

— Whitney Pettus 


“I was prompted to take Mr. Younger’s class by my advisor and I have to say I was not disappointed. The class really urges you to use your critical thinking and problem solving skills all semester. The class also learned how to communicate effectively and manage relationships with guest speakers! I am glad I took this class during my career here at WSSU because it taught me how to continue to navigate my time in college as well as prepare me for what I will face in my career. I honestly don’t think in class can prepare me for what I really need to know about the world like this class did! I suggest to anyone who can, TAKE THE CLASS.”

— Jadah Pinkney