Our Approach

Our Approach to Consulting

Our approach to consulting is summarized by the acronym GRACE. We are convinced that the following must be addressed to ensure the best outcomes for all involved:

GGoals: We must have clear objectives.

RResults: We must meet our customers’ needs.

AAssessment: We must constantly assess our effectiveness.

CConsistency: We must operate with integrity.

EEngagement: We must demonstrate our commitment.

Our approach to consulting is also based on the ADDIE model which stands for the steps of the model. Each step has an outcome that feeds the subsequent step. Evaluation is essential after each step.

  • Analyze: Define the needs and constraints
  • Design: Specify learning activities, assessment and choose methods and media
  • Develop: Begin production, formative evaluation, and revise
  • Implement: Put the plan into action
  • Evaluate: Evaluate the plan from all levels for next implementation

Our Approach to Change Management

The ADKAR Model (Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, Reinforcement):

ADKAR is a goal-oriented change management model that allows change agents and leaders to focus their activities on specific business results.

ADKAR helps leaders to identify the root causes that prevent successful implementation of change. This increases the likelihood of successful change.